Inspiration for Writers

Stonehenge, Wiltshire county, England

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This is also about the story behind my new header for my blog page.

Writers search for inspiration wherever they can.  Anything to get the creative mojo flying in their brain, to see their characters as clearly as looking through cellophane, and to let the dialogue flow like a waterfall in Kauai.  Most of the time I’m able to write the best when I have certain music playing on iTunes.  Specific songs, for whatever reason, make me see my stories and my characters more clearly.

But also moments of peace and humility clear my mind of troubled thoughts and confusing noise.  Moments like our trip to Stonehenge back in 2007.  But we were also exhausted.  My husband and I had been up for almost 48 hours by the time we reached Stonehenge.  This was a brief interlude where my husband had to lay down and rest his back.  He looked so relieved and the imagery was too poetic for me to not capture on camera.  Every time I look at the photo, I ask “Who lays down on a bench at Stonehenge?”  Yep, that would be my husband.

But this always reminds me to clear my head when I need to.  I need to find inspiration from time to time, and little random shots like this always help.

So, writers, what makes you feel more creative?  What gives you inspiration for your creative mojo?  I’d suggest laying down whenever you need to.  Wherever you are.