Beta Reading Challenge

My writers group just started a new program called Beta Readers Round Table.  Five of our members submitted their completed manuscripts to be reviewed by Beta Readers (myself included). Each Beta Reader critiques 2 manuscripts based on content (not line editing). Searching for plot holes, characterization errors, point of view switching, change of tenses, the … More Beta Reading Challenge

Can’t Wait to Plot

So, I’ve only gone through the first round of revisions on my manuscript and have sent it out to my critique group. And I’m not stopping there. I’ve already started plotting and creating the character sketches for the next book that’s twirling around in my head. Some could call me a glutton for punishment, since … More Can’t Wait to Plot

Returning the Favor

Since I’ve been under a random version of writer’s block for the last few weeks, I’ve been practicing my critiquing skills for others. I figured it was a good way to pull myself out of my void of creativity by helping others with their WIP’s. Returning the favor. My local writer’s group has a few … More Returning the Favor

Literary Creativity Spreads- Part 2

Update from last week’s post on my website.  It’s published!!! Please visit the site I’ve created for my most wonderful and deserving writers group. As always, it’s a work in progress, but so far it looks better than I anticipated.  GoDaddy‘s Website Builder isn’t as easy to navigate, but after 3 days of fiddling … More Literary Creativity Spreads- Part 2