Election Day… GO VOTE

Happy Election Day! Thank God that first, you have the right to vote. But secondly, those incredibly annoying and enraging political ads will finally be over.

Whether you’re Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Independent, or no affiliation at all, if you’re eligible to vote, GO VOTE.

Don’t make excuses. MAKE THE TIME. If you don’t know who to vote for, go to the polls anyway and let your gut decide when you step up to the ballot.

If you don’t vote, not only do you not have the right to complain over the next four years, but you’ve also insulted the millions of people around the world who are fighting for the right to vote, and for those who have died to defend your right to choose.

If you’ve already voted (whoever invented early voting, I thank them wholeheartedly), good for you!

If you haven’t yet, GO VOTE!



Putting a Scene to a Vote

Debating where my heroine in an upcoming manuscript I’m brainstorming discovers the horrible news that her love interest is dating her rival.  So I thought I’d ask for some help and put it to a vote!  Let me know what you think.

Facts to consider: My heroine’s love interest is a former teammate (friends for many years) but he is currently casually dating the heroine’s rival.

The hero doesn’t know the heroine has romantic feelings for him (he always dreamt of dating the heroine, but felt she was out of his reach).

How does she find out the horrible news that her secret love interest is dating her enemy?

A) At a restaurant, catching the two on a date (as she gets take-out)

B) At the pool during diving practice (all three are springboard divers)- they come in to practice together

C) At a movie theater, catching the two on a date

D) At an awards event featuring his accomplishment, with the rival on his arm

Let me know what you think.