Time Flies and Priorities Change

Time is flying by, even more so that I have a definitive timeline to get this BlurredClockmanuscript finished. My deadline is BBDD. Before Baby Due Date.

With that comes a massive priority struggle. Between my son’s schedule, gearing up for the baby (and picking out a name!), as well as finishing this manuscript and critiquing a friend’s manuscript, blogging has fallen off of my priority list. Not a great first posting for 2014, I know.

But that doesn’t bode well for an author trying to market a recent release. I can’t devote that much time to social media or blogging, because I selfishly would rather focus any free time on writing/critiquing. Come mid-March, free-time will be a fond and distant memory (much like sleep). Writing will become ‘that thing I love, but I need to take a shower and 2hr nap today.’ So the stories in my head will be stuck on the rear-burner. Along with my blog.

BabyandStorkBut I want you all to know that I won’t be going away completely. I promise I’ll still be here. Albeit, a much more tired, ragged version of myself. It will take me longer to respond to emails and hop onto Facebook/Twitter. But I WILL respond. Priorities will shift (they kinda have to!) but I know this blog will still be here when I’m ready.

More importantly, I’ll still try to market AUDREY’S PROMISE as much as possible and attend those treasured conferences and events (between feedings!). RWA National is a major one for me, particularly since it’s in Texas this year. At some point, I’ll have my first book signing!

In the meantime, I follow several blogs that will more than make up for my lack of presence. Feel free to follow these folks and fill your brain with inspiring knowledge and entertainment!

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Writing Time

Writing time is precious in my house. Plainly put- if my son is here and not napping, writing is impossible. Which is why the few rare hours he’s at preschool or asleep are cherished. And the days he doesn’t nap feels a bit chaotic. No ‘me’ time to mess with the characters in my head.

A lot of times, I find myself leaving the house to limit distractions. Otherwise I’ll spend it online, pinning on Pinterest, reading blogs (haha!), or playing iPad games. Not great tools for finishing a manuscript. So I’ll head to Starbucks or a park (when its cooler outside), find a cozy spot and write. Luckily the Starbucks by my house isn’t packed 24/7 like several others I hear about. I can always find a seat and not feel like someone is spying over my shoulder.

But one thing is clear- mornings are my better times. I’m more focused, clear headed, and energized. The afternoon slump impacts my writing style negatively- I realized that over a few years. Music makes me even more focused. So adding these factors to my writing time is important to have as an effective and productive session as I can.

A while back, I read about an author who spends about 3 weeks writing a novel. 3 weeks!! Here’s how: she writes the entire time, pulling all nighters, only taking a few minutes for essentials (lunch, shower, and potty time), and sleeps maybe 2-3 hours at a time. Clearly, this woman doesn’t have any children. No one to care for. It’s just her. Not sure if she’s married. If she is, I give her husband a lot of props. My husband certainly couldn’t tolerate that schedule, even if it were just us. I bet this author’s publisher absolutely loves having this woman on their roster.

I don’t think I could live on her schedule. I value my sleep far too much. Let alone my family time.

A much smaller goal, I’d love to participate in Twitter 1K1Hr groups, but they always take place an inopportune times. Or maybe I just check Twitter at the wrong times. But I was brave enough to join in NaNoWriMo last year. 50,000 words in a month took dedication. And I was on track to complete it (until a family incident towards the latter half of November required the majority of my time). But keeping that writing time from being ‘stolen’ from distractions is tough.

How do you protect your writing time?

When do you work best?

More importantly, what do you do to forgive yourself when the writing time is otherwise occupied?