Happy Birthday, to my Hubby

Today, my hubby has reached a major milestone: the top of a hill most archeologists would date back to 25 years ago. But to me, it’s not a hill: it’s a pedestal.BryanSusieFormal

Happy birthday, B. The “butter to my bread, the breath to my life.” My partner in crime. Thank you for you: for saving me from vicious spiders, for eating my terrible cooking with a smile, for lending me your patience when I’ve none left, for being the most awesome father to our two boys, and keeping laughter alive in our house.Pinata

For My Husband…

On our anniversary, I want to share with you all the reasons why I love you. How I’m reminded every day the last seven years to be grateful for you, our family, our life, and our love. You are my real-life romance.

I love you because… 

Your eyes are like mine.

You wake me from bad dreams.

You aren’t afraid to be silly.

You make my coffee just the way I like.

You walk me to my car.

You open doors for me.

You listen to me, even when I think you can’t hear me.

We each do our best to make the other happy, and proud.

Your laugh lights up the room.

You are patient.

You love music.

You quote movies.

You gave me our son.

You’re motivated.

You love my parents.

You still look at me like I inspire you.

You kiss me when I’m sleeping.

You teach me to cook new things.

You make our son laugh.

You kill spiders and wrestle snakes for me.

My goals in writing are just as important to you.

You are my ultimate supporter, even when I’m my harshest critic.

You like thunderstorms.

You hug our son, and I smell your cologne on him hours later.

You know how to make me laugh when I need it most.

Our dreams are the same.

You always say life’s too short to sweat the small stuff. But these small things mean the world to me. Because they are all a part of you.

Happy Anniversary, Bryan!

30 Years…


Normally I wouldn’t broadcast my birthday on a blog like this, but there’s a lot of reflection on this particular one.

And I wake up thinking 3 things, all of which are equally important to me:

I remember how blessed I am to have lived my life with such love, happiness, and support.

I pray my son lives to see this age, and well beyond it, with the same love, happiness and support.

I pray God grants me another 30 years of more love, happiness and support – and beyond.

Have a great day, everyone.

Juggling Act of Life… Not Always Successful

Life is juggling. At least when you’re a parent. Even though I have only one child, I’ve learned that much. And it makes me wonder for those with multiple kids, especially if close in age like several friends of mine have, how the heck they do it?

Now, I’m not saying that only parents have to juggle and balance life. I know plenty of people who seem much more busy than me who don’t have children.

But this is a different kind of juggling. And trying to write, plot, research, finish my first attempt at National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), AND take care of my son and help him with his development, behavior issues, constant sickness, etc. etc, can at times make me feel like I have a billion balls in the air and I’m dropping a lot of them. Thankfully, most of them are rubber or plastic, so they bounce right back or at least don’t break when they hit the floor.

Unlike my oven this week.

Or the backyard fence last week.

When you throw in expensive repairs like this (on an already somewhat tight budget), I feel like letting all the freakin’ balls drop and I don’t care how many break in the process.

So let’s just say this week was a more disastrous attempt at juggling than most. Already fragile feelings from the week before regarding my son’s development in preschool, combined with little sleep (sick kids don’t sleep, so neither do parents), and it just made the perfect storm of juggling balls.

But on the plus side, I’m 30% done with my NaNoWriMo novel. I hope most NaNo’ers are doing well, and according to Twitter it seems like they’re either kicking my butt or haven’t started. Either way, I wish them luck. Hopefully I’ll achieve one of my 2011 goals I set for myself in January. And not broken too many juggling balls in the process.

Life Means Adapting to the Birds

I drove down the road with my family the other week and saw something that I found so fitting to life.

Two ladies in a convertible stopped at a light, while the power lines overhead were swarming with birds. The women used the sunshield over their heads to protect them from falling poop. I was so tickled I took a picture with my iPhone.

License plate# removed for their privacy

Life can throw you bird poop at any moment, even when it’s already raining. But it’s still important to enjoy the wind in your hair and feel the sun on your face. Just bring along something to protect yourself. Adapt. Use what you have to thwart the poop. And keep enjoying the sunshine and wind until you can move to the next light.