Life Throws Curveballs

And I already suck at batting. So this is just more of a humiliation to suffer through nasty curveballs.

It really hurts to say it, but I need to suspend writing for a while. I’m not sure for how long, but that means I will not be able to complete National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). I got half way through it with a lot of momentum still in me, but sometimes we have to adjust to an ever-changing life.

My disappointment can hardly be expressed in words, and not just for the suspension of one of my passions. Something infinitely more dear to me needs more attention.

I’ll admit one of my weaknesses is fear of failure. Or perceived failure. Or that my best is not good enough. And as irrational as that concept is, I can’t help but internalize certain situations that don’t go as I’d hoped or expected. And even worse is when I believe someone else is suffering because of my actions or inactions.

I have the best support system in the world: my family. My friends. Which is why, ironically, it hurts more to ask them for help. If I’m surrounded by so many wonderful people with incredible talent, it’s bound to rub off on me and/or my family. So why would I need help?

Stupid thoughts, I know. But in moments where I need to vent, this is where my mind wanders. And I realize that I will have considerably less time to myself to vent, let alone catch a breath.

Since I’ve struck out during this round at bat, beset by the nasty curveballs, I’ll lick my wounds and change into a cleaner set of clothes. Ready for the next set of curveballs, or sliders, that I’m certain will be thrown at me again very soon. I just hope my passion for writing will still be there when I’m ready.

On Track for NaNoWriMo



I’m stunned to say it. Yes, I admit, I didn’t think I would be anywhere near this far along in my writing goal for National Novel Writing Month just four days in.

Not that I was rooting for myself to do poorly, but I’m impressed with what I’ve done. I’ve had three GREAT writing days (great for my record anyway, with a 3 year old constantly needing attention). I hope my son doesn’t suffer any trauma by having a slightly less than attentive mother for the next few short weeks.

Granted, I knew I had to over-deliver on certain days because I know there will be times during the month I won’t be able to write at all. (Thanksgiving, for example. What writer can deny that incredible feast and time for reflection. And perhaps a weekend here-and-there for precious time with my hubby). But 16% to goal in just four days, that makes me happy.

And so ensues the Steve Carrell happy dance!

Now back to breakfast. Maybe some writing later. I hope so.

Bring on the Novel Writing Marathon

The novel writing marathon has begun! My first ever participation in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), and I’m off to a decent start. So far, I’ve written 2500 words today, on track to reach the goal of 50,000 words by the end of the month. However I know there will be several days during the month I will not be able to write anything, so I’ll have to make up those words along the way.

All in all, I think I’ll be really happy with myself if I reach 35,000 words by the end of the month. So 50,000 would just be gravy.

So if you don’t hear much from me over the course of the month, that’s why. But I’ll update my word counter on my main page as I go along, so you can keep track with me. And keep me motivated! I’ll need all the help I can get!

Now to bury myself in more words.

Reading Blitz

All writers (and aspiring authors) need to read. How else are they supposed to know their market? Of course, how else did most writers figure out that’s what they love to do? By reading. Duh. (I know, not a writer-ly word, but it fits).

I’m a big romance reader, if you haven’t visited the other pages on my blog, and also trying to improve my skills as a writer. Since I finished the rough draft and first round of revisions of my manuscript, I’m twiddling my thumbs as I wait for my critique partners to get back to me on what they think. But I’m not twiddling air between my thumbs; I’m twiddling pages. A whole new meaning to twitter! Maybe I should start a new website called Twiddle, and its all about the books!

Anyway, I’ve raced through 3 books in about a month (yes, that’s racing for me. Back off- I have an almost-3-year-old who is faster than most Olympic sprinters). In between books, I also finished plotting my third book and can’t wait to get started on it. I’m saving that storyline for NaNoWriMo in November. It’ll be the first time I participate and I’m seriously excited! (And nervous how in the heck am I going to write 10K words/week with my toddler running around!)

I’ve been on a great streak recently, not just with writing but with the great quality books I’ve picked up this month. I’ve expanded outside of my normal genres and included a few paranormal romances, historical war story, and even a horror/thriller from a critique partner during a beta-read.

The only negative thing I have to say about my reading blitz is that now I think my lasik eye surgery from 2005 needs to be retouched. Or I need reading glasses. (Maybe I’ll choose the less expensive option). My eyes are cross-eyed!

But it’s been a blast! I like to think of it as research, if only the stories weren’t so fascinating that I lose track of the art of writing and instead lose myself in the characters! There are so many good authors out there, that it makes it worth wading through the crummy ones until you find the real jewels!