Prince of Solana

Royals of Solana: Prince of Solana


“A steamy, action packed adventure, featuring a royal on the run and an alpha heroine too hot to handle!”

Prince of Solana spins the royal fairytale on its heel, in an exotic tropical paradise with a dark and twisted villain, as epic as the royal family themselves.

An irresistible white knight story with plenty of danger, adventure, and edge-of-your-seat action. And as hot & steamy as the South Pacific!

Prince Andre Peralta of Solana spent the last eight years drowning himself in liquor and gambling in casinos.

When Andre’s father is assassinated by the Lozano cartel, duty to his tiny island country in the South Pacific trumps his fear and guilt. Being next on the hit list, forces Andre to hide on a remote Texas cattle ranch. There he meets strong-willed Gemma Westfall, a fascinating and trigger-happy ranch hand who pushes the limits of his self-control.

Gemma has no patience for liars and gamblers, and something about this visitor crawls up her spine. His penetrating gaze heats up her core, reigniting a dark passion and a history she’d buried long ago.

When the assassins find Andre and destroy Gemma’s home, vengeance guides both of them into dangerous waters.




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