Jewel of Solana

Royals of Solana: Jewel of Solana


A royal princess, stunning Pacific sunsets, and priceless jewels…

With the palace a vicious warzone–smoke and fire billowing behind her.

With the royal bloodline at stake, Princess Alanna is their last hope.

But first, to survive the night.

Join the action and adventure traversing the steamy South Pacific in this unforgettable royal saga, Jewel of Solana!

Ideal for hopeless romantics who desire tropical escapes and deliciously happy endings!

Princess Alanna Peralta escapes a brutal attack on her island home after a vicious cartel assassinates her family. To save the royal bloodline and family legacy—the priceless necklace Luna de Azul—she conceals her identity. Boarding a yacht, she lands in the arms of a brazenly handsome engineer, who might be her guardian angel—or a greedy demon in disguise.

Gabriel Flynn can’t look anyone in the eye. A childhood quirk made it unbearable to be around anyone. Until an obsidian-haired beauty begs for help. She is clearly not as she seems, and Flynn doubts her story…and intentions.

With danger at every turn, Alanna and Flynn discover the limitless reach of the cartel’s power. Flynn must decide how much he trusts her. As danger closes in, Alanna is torn between sacrifices—her life, family legacy, and country or… her heart.




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