Tell Me What You Feel

Knights of Texas: Tell Me What You Feel


Book Four – Riggs

Nothing is more fun than breaking the rules.

Garrison Riggs loves horses, comedy clubs, and throwing the rules out the window. Besides, what’s the point of life if you’re not having any fun? Which makes him the perfect fit for the Knights of Texas luxury male escort agency. The resident southern charmer ensures his clients always have fun—especially the naughty kind. Sadly, this Marine learns just how much hidden baggage he brought back from the battlefields of the Afghan desert, which threaten to burst at the seams when he least expects it.

Skylar Lucas has spent years with her nose in books, studying to be a nurse, foregoing any fun. Now, she’s desperate to live an independent life in a career she loves. But nightmares from a family tragedy hold her back. When her sister hires Riggs to help her loosen up and enjoy life, Skylar never counted on the education she’d receive from him that no school could ever teach.

His mission clear, the devoted Knight shows her what life can be like when you burn the rulebook. With any luck, Riggs may be able to set her skin and soul on fire. After all, for a woman like Skylar, the only way to live is with no boundaries.




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