Playlist for Prince of Solana – Enjoy!

I finally got around to finishing the playlist for Prince of Solana.


These are a list of songs that I either listened to while writing the scene, or captures the tone I tried to convey.

I hope you enjoy!!

Spotify playlist link here, or individual songs listed below.

Chapter 1 –  On The Long Way Down by Robert Delong

Chapter 2 – Vide Cor Meum by Patrick Cassidy

Chapter 3 – RedHands by REVO (Walk Off the Earth)

Chapter 4 – Who You Love by Katy Perry & John Mayer

Chapter 6 – Howl by Florence & The Machine

Chapter 7 – My Fault by Imagine Dragons

Chapter 8 – Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap

Chapter 13 – I’m Sending You Away (Oblivion Soundtrack)

Chapter 16 – One Last Night by Vaults

Chapter 19 –Undimmed by Time, Unbound by Death (Oblivion Soundtrack)

Chapter 20 –Demons by Imagine Dragons

Chapter 21 –Insatiable by Darren Hayes

Chapter 22 –When A Heart Breaks by Ben Rector

Chapter 24 – Fearful Odds (Oblivion Soundtrack)

Chapter 25 –New Mexico by Edward Shearmur

Chapter 26 –Iridescent by Linkin Park

Chapter 27 –Raven Rock (Oblivion Soundtrack)

Chapter 28 – Cut by Plumb

Chapter 30 – Sail by AwolNation

Chapter 31 –Secret by Ocean Lab

Chapter 32 –Waking Up (Oblivion Soundtrack)

Chapter 33 – You Can’t Save Her (Oblivion Soundtrack)

Chapter 34 –Heart of Courage by Two Steps From Hell

Chapter 35 – Warriors by Imagine Dragons

Chapter 37 –Gravity by Sara Bareilles

Chapter 38 – Kissing by Bliss