Battle of the Book Formats

Oh, how the battle thickens… it’s no longer a question between paperback or bookbattlehardback. It’s even evolved past physical book or e-book. Oh no, my friends. It’s become so much more complicated.

You can’t just choose ‘e-book’ anymore. Now you must choose which format of technology to read these precious stories.



Mobile (iPhone or Android)





The choices expand every month. Forty years ago, you still had options of which material you wanted your book printed on, but imagine…  what if not just paper, but perhaps cotton, leather, wood, chocolate (oh yes!), or stone (try balancing that on your head).

battling_booksAnd the battle continues, with additional, equal amounts of confusion and choices.

Which do you prefer: physical books or e-books?

If you prefer physical, the main choices are hardback or paperback.

If you prefer e-book, which format do you use most?

Personally, I’m still 70% physical books. I love the feel of the paper in my hands, turning the pages between my fingers, and more importantly the smell. There’s not many things in the world better than that new book smell.

The remaining 30% I go back and forth between iPad and my iPhone. Yes, I started reading books on my phone. A concept so foreign to me only 6 months ago. I have evolved (a bit), just as publishing is still evolving.

Just in time for me to purchase my first pair of reading glasses, which I’m sure is baby_w-glassesjust around the corner for me.

One thought on “Battle of the Book Formats

  1. My Dad actually reads a lot of books on his iPhone – which surprised the heck out of me. He said it’s perfect for downtime while he’s on the train or between meetings and that once you get used to it, it’s not that hard to read. My sister has an iPad and both the Nook and Kindle app – so the apps help diversify I guess. I got a Kindle Fire a few months ago and love it. I admit, it made my assimilation to ebooks a little faster. But I still love the feel of turning a page.
    Great post, Susie!

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