Jump in the Deep End

I love the water, and going back to my springboard diving roots, not only do I jump in the deep end with gusto, I do it head-first.

I realized I did the same thing with writing.

I had no clue how to write when I started. I had a story in my head and I got it down on paper. Looking back on that first manuscript (that I never finished back when I was in my teens), the style and voice was that of a middle schooler.

And my next manuscript that I started in my early 20’s wasn’t much better. You’d think I’d have a better learning curve, or I’d at least learn not to throw myself off the high dive. Go off the smaller board first with a few short stories or articles, or even a blog.

But deep-end diving is what I do. Three ‘adult’ manuscripts later, and I’m still learning. Still wading around in the deep end, but I feel I’ve improved a lot. Even met some really cool people along the way that loves the deep end like me.

I’ve written a few short stories over the last two years, and it’s a different style of writing all together, but its good practice. As is this blog. Need to get the creative juices flowing with things like this.

But I’ll always love the high dive.

6 thoughts on “Jump in the Deep End

  1. Like me, the deep end might not have been the best starting point, but I feel we’ve both grown much faster there and it’s great to have some good partners on our team. You guys keep me afloat!

  2. Susie: I admire anyone who has the tenacity and determination to go full speed ahead to get to the end as fast as they can. Great post.

  3. Susie – what a great metaphor the process of writing. My experience was so similar and I never thought of it that way, but you are so right. Every time we write we learn more about the process itself, learn basics that help us the next time to build off a stronger foundation. The great thing about short stories is that the exercise is condensed enough for you to really practice things like setting, plot building and characterization without getting lost in a 300 page novel. Great post 😀

  4. Oh I could have written this post myself. There are advantages throwing yourself into the deep end, aren’t there? You have to absorb at a lot faster rate or you’ll sink. Love this post, and hope you keep ‘paddling’ at the ‘art of writing’ pool 🙂

  5. Matthew- you’re right, our writers group has made a huge difference in how I continue to swim in the deep end! I love our little group and you’re all so inspiring!

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