My Favorite Stories

Some of my favorite little novellas and short stories have been rejected by the mass market of readers. It’s a shame they haven’t hit the New York Times or USA Today’s Bestseller’s List, or at the very least Oprah’s Book Club.

Pride & Promiscuity: The Lost Sex Scenes of Jane Austen 

Edgar Allen Poe’s Torture and Mutilation Guide

Tropical Field of Dreams: Ode to the Everglades

The Bitch & Biker’s Guide to the Galaxy Theater

Deaf’s Guide to Rock & Roll Music

Blind’s Red Rose Garden

Jiminy Cricket’s Ode to the Bug Zapper

Lying Solves Everything by Oscar Wilde

Ernest Hemingway’s Bartending Guide

 Thought it would be nice to share my favorites with the world. Happy April Fool’s!