Occupation or Label: Writer?

I recently filled out a miscellaneous medical form where it asked my occupation. And for the first time in my life, without thought, I put down “Writer.”

I knew it was asking what my ‘day job’ was. Normally Occupation would mean what you make money from. But ‘Housewife’ or ‘Stay-at-home Mom’ felt a little inadequate. As if it were my title in life. Neither of which rakes in the income.

I haven’t made any money from my writing. Not yet. I hope to, obviously. But I feel as though I am a writer, even though nothing financially beneficial has come out of it yet.

I wrote down the precious letters on the meaningless piece of paper with a half-smile. The first time I had ever seen my ‘Profession’ as “Writer” on something tangible.

And of course, the nurse read over the documents and immediately commented.

“Oh, you’re a writer! May I ask what you write?”

To which I immediately replied “Women’s fiction. Not published yet.”

Why did I feel like I had to justify it?

Why did I self-mutilate my profession? Emasculate myself by saying My profession hasn’t paid off yet.

Makes me feel like the next time I fill out documents, I shouldn’t put down ‘writer’ until I have something to justify it and not dread having to answer questions that would make me feel less purposeful.

I know… I’m thinking WAY too hard about something stupid. I guess that’s what antibiotics and other cold meds do to my brain. Makes it completely mushy.

Oh well. Off to make my brain like jello.

5 thoughts on “Occupation or Label: Writer?

  1. LOL! Bryan! I’ve often wanted to mess with someone on those forms – drug dealer, prostitute, midget wrestler. But, in the spirit of the Super Bowl, you are doing what athletes do all the time – if you can envision it you can be it!

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