Heaven Exists… Right Here

My hubby is home from a week overseas on a business trip.


We have a relaxing Sunday ahead of us, with another free Monday so he can recover from jetlag.

I’m watching him and my son ‘tickle fight’ on the couch, with additional arsenal of a custom quilt handmade by my mother. The durable kind to withstand years of wear and tear from toddlers.

My son’s laugh is my most favorite sound in the world. Which is inevitable. I fell in love with my husband’s laugh before I really knew him. So their two laughs together is Heaven.Two months old

I don’t care there’s an additional four loads of laundry waiting for me, or a grocery list to make, or a sink full of dishes. We’re going to celebrate this heaven even more by going out to lunch with B’s favorite food: Mexican.

Perhaps if my two boys nap today, I may get additional writing in. But if not, that’s ok. There’s infinite rooms in heaven.