Diet Coke for Coffee

One of my resolutions this year was to reduce my Diet Coke intake. (Not just the caffeine, but also the fake sugars and carbonation).

Now I realize I’ve created a problem.

I seem to be substituting coffee in place of my Diet Cokes (at least when I’m at home). And unfortunately, it’s not decaf.

So I think I’m going backwards in my attempt to increase my natural energy level.

Maybe I need to alter this resolution a bit. At least clarify.

Still keep my intention of reducing DC intake, but commit to one additional rule:

For every cup of coffee, I also drink an additional cup of water.

Maybe, after a week or two, I’ll feel so full as if I’ll float away on the next rainfall, that I’ll naturally reduce my coffee intake as well.

But if I think that through, I see one inevitability:

Caffeine Withdrawals

Headaches. Jittery-ness.

Hmm… maybe I need to keep thinking.

4 thoughts on “Diet Coke for Coffee

  1. I feel for you. Caffeine withdrawals are the devil! I don’t think there’s any way to avoid them altogether but the one water for every cup of coffee method sounds like a good step (she says as she sips on her third cup of coffee).

  2. You know, if caffeine is my only vice then I’m OK with that. But, I did have to give up (for the most part) Diet Cokes a few years ago. I was drinking 3 super big gulps a day … that’s something like 90 ounces. I was a freak. So I’ve scaled way back to just two cups of coffee and I’m a kinder, gentler person.

    By the way, caffeine is a diuretic, so the water/DC pairing could mean less time writing and more time in the bathroom. 😉

  3. Kim, I can totally empathize with the whole 90oz of DC/day. That was me only about 2 years ago! Ever since my husband got me more onto coffee, I’m used to being in the bathroom more!
    Peglane, thanks for the support! Cheers! *holds up cup of coffee #4*

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