Snail’s Progress on WIP

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Happy Easter everyone! And even if you aren’t Christian, I wish you peace and love.

Since I shoved my first manuscript in a drawer, I’ve been trying to focus more attention on my current Work In Progress (WIP). I’m up to 58K words, which is just a little over half way. Inquiring friends and family always ask me how far along I am in the novel (just like they do when you’re pregnant, “How far along are you?” “Oh I’m at 28 weeks.” And how we always answer in weeks, instead of months like normal people.) And I realized something.

I have been at the half-way point in my WIP for about 2 months. That is extremely frustrating. In 2 months, one would think I would have gotten a little further. Probably to the 2/3’s mark, or 3/4’s even. But no. I realize I’m still only halfway. That’s like being stuck in the vomiting and constipation phase of pregnancy for the whole nine months.

Good lord, am I rambling in my WIP? Just like I ramble in my blog posts?

The only thing that means is that I will have a crap load of editing and revising to do when this thing is done. Bummer. But that’s just par for the course as a writer. Par for the course… Completing an 18-hole course slower than a snail. Yep, that’s me. A snail. But I hope a pretty snail with minimal (if any) slime that doesn’t run into any water traps or bunkers on my trek through the literary golf course.

But granted I’ve been working out the battling themes in this piece at the same time (a big sand trap), and I’m sure that’s also taking some of the focus away from actually writing. (Not to mention a 2.5 year old who has rebelled against naps and declared anarchy in this house. Which he can get away with because he’s so freakin’ cute.)

But I have been getting good feedback from fellow critique partners (thanks Greater Ft Worth Writer’s group) and critique sites (Scribophile) that I’m on the right track. I have a good story line, and that to me is always the first step. The story line. Goes back to my need for outlines and planning, since I’ve never been a pantser writer (I envy those people). I wonder if snails are planners. Probably not. Since they go so slow, the path they plan on changes constantly so they have to be able to adapt and change plans.

So I must be the first Planning Snail in existence. Not sure if I like that title. I’d rather be the bunny. 😉

Happy Easter everyone, and keep writing forward.

3 thoughts on “Snail’s Progress on WIP

  1. I can relate to the rambling. I’ve been stuck in the revising phase since I realized how much I need to re-write! By the time I finished writing the first 3/4 of my first draft, I was so anxious to finish the thing, that I just rambled my way through the rest!

    Thanks for the link!

  2. LOL – sorry, I shouldn’t laugh but I’m getting this mental image of you being 12 months pregnant .. 🙂 I feel like my second is going slower than my first, but I think that’s because we are so much wiser and we’re taking our time with it. At least that’s what I’m telling myself …

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