Off to A Yellow-Brick Road

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And I’m off to my very first writers conference!  My beloved son woke me up at 5:30 (I never need to set my alarm anymore). While he eats breakfast, my husband peacefully sleeps in.  And I get ready for a weekend full of workshops, presentations, panels, and *gasp* my first pitch session to an agent!

DFW Writers Workshop Conference (DFW Con)

I’m grateful that I received my first choice in Agents (we could pick up to 4, but we only get a session with 1). I haven’t practiced my pitch very much, but I know what I want to say.  I figure the agent is human too, and if its supposed to feel more like a conversation, I didn’t want to sound too rehearsed.

But after registration, I will definitely need that breakfast bar, including the coffee station! 5:30am doesn’t agree with me.  Let’s hope the conference does.  Wish me luck!

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