My Literary Creativity Spreads


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I’ve not accomplished much writing over the last week or so.  It irritates me that I have so much running through my mind to add to my stories, but I’m occupied with another creative area of my brain.  I’m creating a website.

Yep, as scary as that might be or strange as it sounds, I’m creating a multi-page website for the Writer’s Group I belong to.  We need to expand, and therefore need to have a more professional site with more capabilities than we’re currently utilizing.  And it was sad to realize I was the most technologically savvy member in our little writers group.

Here comes the frustrating part.  Despite the costs of purchasing a domain and the additional ‘widgets’ we need for our site, navigating the Website Builder that comes with the package we purchased is a step above Sanskrit.  I’ve spent over a week trying to figure out the ins and outs of this ‘Easy To Build’ program from GoDaddy.  I’m left with several conundrums on how to implement certain ‘widgets’ I’ve purchased into the site so its usable.  And every time I turn around, the site gives me an error message and I have to start all over again (including logging in).

But I’m slowly making progress.  Of the 5 pages on the website, 3 are finished.  The background and layout are beautiful and much more professional than I hoped for.  But then again, we all know the value in a website is the information it provides and the ease of use for its members.  Which is where I’m struggling (not the information part, but the ease of use).  I want it to be more interactive than it’s allowing.  And I’m unwilling to pay for more additional features that were supposed to come with it.

But I’m still impressed with how far I’ve gotten on so little experience.  With 2 pages left to finish I’m hoping it will take less than the week I’ve already spent.  Perhaps then my humble and small, yet most deserving writing group will have a website they can be proud of and make us more marketable.  And visible.

When it’s finally ready, this will be the first place I post the link to the newly released website that I’m sure I will be so proud of, just like my baby, and just like my manuscripts that are also waiting, begging, to be finished.