Action Plan for 2011 (Not Resolutions)

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The start of a new year brings many to the dreadful task of creating resolutions to better themselves.  But I completely disagree with forming resolutions at the stereotypical time of pledging to reform oneself.  Instead, I believe in action plans.  Goals, really, but with more specific ‘instructions’ on how to achieve what I want.

So here I go- action plan for 2011:

Write 2500 words (or 5hrs) per week: This helps me achieve my goal of completing my second manuscript, Rip It.  Instead of writing “Complete Rip It” by the end of the year, I write something much more measurable- a small goal I can achieve every week (also makes me feel better about myself, and not get too hard on myself if I fall short a week).  A bunch of small action plans seem much more attainable than 1 large goal that’s so far into the future I’m not motivated to work every day.

Write 1 Blog Post per week: I just started blogging, and I’m really enjoying it so far.  But I have to keep reminding myself to do it, find something to write about.  But a blog a day is way too ambitious for me.  Setting an action plan that I know I won’t achieve is like setting a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup on my desk and willing myself not to eat it.  Masochistic.  Blogging keeps me constantly in practice, which is extremely important for a newbie such as myself.  But its important not to overdo it. PostAWeek2011 is a new feature that WordPress is offering for this very sort of thing.  So I’m participating in it.  They will post reminders on my homepage to tell me to blog, and provide helpful tips and ideas on how to keep blogging, and keep me on track.

Partake in NaNoWriMo in November: I just heard about National Novel Writing Month this past year, but was way too unprepared to participate.  But I fully intend to participate this year with a third manuscript I’m currently brainstorming.  This is by far my most ambitious action plan, but it is achievable if I keep on top of my other manuscript action plans.

Now the other most important thing to making sure I follow these action plans every week/month is to put them in a place where I can see them every day.  Since these all of these plans involve my laptop, I’ve posted these action steps on my desktop.  Since I have a Macbook, I’ve used my dashboard feature, posting every one of these on a ‘stickie’ note so I can see it every day.

Well that’s the start of 2011 for me.  Didn’t start off the right way with catching the dreadful strep throat, but I won’t let that side-step me.  I’ll just keep writing forward.