Stay Motivated

With the holidays in full swing (Christmas just a week away) creating a barrage of distractions, travel arrangements right around the corner, and the stagnant responses from agencies still pending, its hard to stay motivated to keep writing every day.  On the half-finished manuscript file sitting on my desktop that stares at me every day screaming, “Open the file… write more… finish me!”

As well as the third manuscript I’m still brainstorming and writing notes about every week into a battered journal.  Fine, if I’m stuck on the incomplete manuscript and I’m blocked on ideas for my next one, what’s an aspiring author to do?

Name it- the distractions are endless.  Eat, clean, run errands- all in between chasing after my two-year-old around the house.  And when he naps, maybe I can get some writing done.  Perhaps on the blog!!! 🙂  Yes- there’s the answer for motivation!

Get things off my mind, loosen my fingers on the keyboard- which will all hopefully clear the way for motivation to finish something!

What about you, readers?  What distractions do you feel yourself being pulled to, instead of writing your manuscripts or submitting to agents/publishers?  At least I know I’m not alone in this condition.