Susan’s Books

Knights of Texas series

Luxury Male Escort steamy novellas

Welcome to the Knights of Texas.
These noble protectors of pleasure bring their expertise and determination to showing a woman her true worth. Revealing a woman’s value is their devoted mission, and these southern charmers can all but guarantee kindling a woman’s heart.

Tell Me What You Want

Tell Me What You Crave

Tell Me What You Need

Tell Me What You Feel


Sweet Escape series

Steamy, contemporary romantic comedy series with three best friends who find love, laughter, and lots of trouble during their annual vacations. On these getaways, all-inclusive takes on a new, steamy meaning.

Dry Spell

Hot Spell

Cold Spell


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Royals of Solana series

Romantic suspense & adventure set in South Pacific

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Royal life isn’t all luxury, glamour, and celebrity status—it’s a target for relentless attacks from those who lust for power. The Royals of Solana face vicious threats from both criminals and diplomats, all coveting the exotic prize that is their island nation. When the king and crown prince are brutally murdered during a cartel coup, Princess Alanna and exiled Prince Andre are forced on the run, desperate to save their own lives while trying to take back their country. Enemies emerge from all corners of the world, scrambling in the power vacuum. The last things the royal siblings need are limelight camera flashes, or steamy dalliances with common strangers. Except these strangers are impossible to ignore, and turn into would-be saviors.

Prince of Solana               Jewel of Solana                 Crown of Solana

Royal Wedding novella

Click here for the Spotify playlist created for the 1st book’s soundtrack. Click here for the Spotify playlist created for the 2nd book’s soundtrack. Click here for the Spotify playlist created for the 3rd book’s soundtrack.

AUDREY’S PROMISE Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00007]

Contemporary Romance set in Rural East Texas

Audrey Allen is poised to become the youngest Texas senator, a near-lifetime dream. With the election only days away, there is only one person who could stir up serious trouble for her budding career, Ethan Tanner.

An ambitious and tantalizing journalist, Ethan holds a deep grudge against politicians, and his latest target is Audrey Allen. Her seemingly flawless record is too clean for any candidate.

In true journalistic form, he cunningly procures an invite to Thanksgiving dinner at her family home for an in depth look at the candidate. Small town life in East Texas is nothing as it seems, as Audrey’s legendary peacemaking skills in her hometown are fruitless where memories and grudges run deep from a decade old tragedy. Even though his motives are not entirely honorable at the onset, Ethan soon realizes that Audrey’s remarkable abilities and sultry charms could melt HIS grudge away, for good.

With prejudices running both ways, Audrey is determined to keep a short leash on this reporter with the devilish eyes to make sure he keeps his promise of fair reporting. Most journalist only dream of a chance to uncover catastrophic events from a politician’s past, but Ethan’s heart may be changing. Will he find that he values finding love more than getting the story?  

 Click here for Spotify playlist created for this book’s soundtrack. Originally posted on Susan’s blog, click here
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